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Buying a distressed property can be a good investment
Investing Wisely: Uncovering the Potential of Distressed Properties
Unchanged Repo Rate
Positive News for the Property Market in South Africa
Essential Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in South Africa
Follow these tips to put you on the path to home ownership.
Climate change and residential properties
Climate change and extreme weather patterns are a concern to many people. How does this affect residential properties?
Super luxury property rentals are back
Luxury property market shifts are driven by local and foreign demand. This is what is currently prevailing.
How to personalise your rental space
This is how you can add some temporary touches for a homey feel.
Tax benefits of real estate investment
This is how you can optimise your tax position in the real estate industry.
5 essential tips when downscaling your home
Downscaling your home can be considered for financial and social reasons. This is what you need to consider when doing so.
How to pay off your bond sooner
Here are some effective tips and techniques for faster bond repayment.
How to handle late rental payments
This is how you can deal with tenants who pay their rent late - or not at all.