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Secure good tenants with ease
Securing good tenants can be achieved by applying simple measures to make your rental property stand out from the crowd.
Factors to consider when choosing between renovating and moving homes
Should you buy a better home or renovate your existing one? This is what you need to consider.
What to know when buying a tenanted property
These are the pros and cons of buying a property with a sitting tenant.
Tenants and cannabis in a rental property
The cultivation and use of cannabis for personal consumption in private is legal in South Africa. This is how this relates to rental properties.
Implications of new rates and utilities tariffs for the property market
Above-inflation increases in municipal rates and utilities tariffs may prove to be a challenge for property owners and tenants.
How to terminate a residential lease agreement
These are the steps you need to take when cancelling a lease agreement.
How to adjust to a new home
Moving into a new home environment takes some level of adjustment. This is how you can make it easy.
Tips for adjusting after semigrating
Semigrating is a reality in South Africa. This is how you can manage this process.
Cape Town water by-laws compliance
Cape Town residents are now required to adhere to recently amended water by-laws. This is what you need to implement.
3 steps to resolving rental disputes
Rental disputes are very common in the property sector. This is how you can resolve them.