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Unchanged Repo Rate
Positive News for the Property Market in South Africa
Essential Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in South Africa
Follow these tips to put you on the path to home ownership.
Get the best quote to optimise your insurance
Here are some relevant tips for getting the best quote for your insurance.
Smart technology for senior homeowners
The business market offers devices to ensure seniors stay safe and secure at home. This is what you can consider.
How to pay off your bond sooner
Here are some effective tips and techniques for faster bond repayment.
How to handle late rental payments
This is how you can deal with tenants who pay their rent late - or not at all.
Overcoming bad credit: Tips for renting a home successfully
Bad credit can negatively affect rental applications. Here are some relevant tips for successfully renting a home.
How to conduct faster property transfers
Property transfers can easily be shortened. Technology and buyer expertise can help streamline the property purchase process.
Renting to self-employed tenants
Renting out property to self-employed tenants has unique dynamics. This is what rental agents need to know.
Co-living: how to split expenses
Co-living is very common in many communities. What sort of guidelines should be applied in managing this?