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Climate change and residential properties
Climate change and extreme weather patterns are a concern to many people. How does this affect residential properties?
How to personalise your rental space
This is how you can add some temporary touches for a homey feel.
5 essential tips when downscaling your home
Downscaling your home can be considered for financial and social reasons. This is what you need to consider when doing so.
How to calculate Capital Gains Tax when selling your home
Property transactions in South Africa are subjected to relevant tax regulations. When is Capital Gains Tax (or CGT) applicable?
Smart technology for senior homeowners
The business market offers devices to ensure seniors stay safe and secure at home. This is what you can consider.
Secure good tenants with ease
Securing good tenants can be achieved by applying simple measures to make your rental property stand out from the crowd.
Residential property court battles: what property practitioners need to know
Property legal challenges can arise in any market. This is what property practitioners need to know.
Location is not just a real estate cliché
How important is location in property transactions and what should be considered about location?
How to handle late rental payments
This is how you can deal with tenants who pay their rent late - or not at all.
Legal tips for buying a home
By considering these legal tips, you can ensure a smooth and secure property transaction.