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Climate change and residential properties
Climate change and extreme weather patterns are a concern to many people. How does this affect residential properties?
How to calculate Capital Gains Tax when selling your home
Property transactions in South Africa are subjected to relevant tax regulations. When is Capital Gains Tax (or CGT) applicable?
Choose the right property practitioner if you want to sell your house quickly
Property practitioners play an integral role in property transactions. This is how you can choose the right practitioner.
Good news for Johannesburg property market as buyers ‘right size’
Property sales activity in Johannesburg has improved. What are the factors behind this?
The City of Cape Town considers scrapping heritage requirements in certain areas
The City of Cape Town is making changes to heritage requirements, with seven demarcated areas set to be exempt from seeking heritage planning permissions.
Rode Report for the second quarter of 2023
The Rode Report for the second quarter of 2023 is out. Industrial property is still the top commercial option, and house prices are under pressure.
How to get the best price for your property in the current market
Pricing your property can often contribute to how fast you sell. This is what you can consider.
Selling your current home as equity for a new home
This is what is involved in selling your current home as equity to purchase a new home.
Hardscaping for better property value
Hardscaping can increase the value of your home. This is what this entails.
RE/MAX National Housing Report Q2 2023
Rising interest rates have cooled down property sales. What’s currently prevailing?