Employee Speaks

Catch our staff voice their opinions of Space-O

hardik shah

Hardik Shah – Creative Design Head Total Experience: 15 Years

I have been working with Space-O Technologies since 2012 as a Creative Design Head. With having 15 years of experience in Graphic, Illustration, Logo and UI/UX design, I’m passionate about comprehensive, strategic and brand-building design. Demonstrated the ability to work both independently as well as collaborate with a large design team.

I’m extremely happy to work with Space-O Technologies because they have provided me with a great platform to perform challenging tasks in Designing. Yes, we deliver world-class creative work that has brought us a lot of international acclaims.

pradip makhija

Pradeep Makhija – Digital Marketing Executive Total Experience: 11 Years

Since day 1, I have been part of an amazing journey of Space-O Technologies. The company has a good atmosphere to work & it always feels like Space-O is a second family to me. Under the guidance of Rakesh sir & Atit sir, i have learned a lot from my top management & enjoyed working with colleagues.


They are much supportive in every situation. Till date, Space-O has provided me lots of different opportunities to work on, improve myself & grow. One can’t find the type of culture that Space-O has, in any other company.

hitesh trivedi

Hitesh Trivedi – Tech. Lead (iOS) Total Experience: 11 Years

Since 2010, I have been part of Space-O Technologies. The organization is providing a good environment to grow your skills and give you the wings to fly out of bound as you can. It is the right place to sharpen your knowledge, learn new thing day by day and achieve your goals.

amit patoliya

Amit Patoliya – Tech Lead (Android) Total Experience: 10 Years

I’ve been a part of Space-O since 2011, and it is easy to say that my career started for me here. I can proudly say that I work with Space-O, as coming to this wonderful organization has been a blessing for me.


The people, the infrastructure, and the company’s mission created a powerful and challenging working environment for us. Space-O organizes helpful seminars and group sessions to build my skills and knowledge as a developer.


I am thankful to Space-O for giving me this opportunity, as well as the help and guidance in the various events I have participated in for the company. The culture is such that it lets you be more creative and innovative, as we are all treated very valuable.


Parag Ghetiya – Team Lead (Android) Total Experience: 9 Years

Since 2014, I am working with Space-O Technologies as an Android developer. Recently, the company has promoted me as a team lead of the Android department and it has proved to be a worthy experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally.


It is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented people, great leadership, as well as a collaborative culture where supervisors are always ready to provide their support. I am very happy to be a part of an organization that has helped me to grow and enhances my programming skills.


Jigna Patel – Team Lead (iOS) Total Experience: 9 Years

I joined Space-O Technologies in 2011 as an iOS developer. And I am grateful for the opportunity that Space-O has given me to discover my skills and gain experience in the IT industry. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with nice colleagues.


I learnt how to do my job in a professional, effective and efficient manner from many colleagues and I am able to grow professionally and this wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s support. I am proud to be part of Space-O.


Jyoti Bharwani – Content Editor Total Experience: 8 Years

I joined Space-O in 2015 and I still remember my first day when I joined as a Content Writer. But now, the company has given me an opportunity to handle a team of writers. The best thing about Space-O Technologies is that the company trusts its employees and gives a chance to grow and expand their career.


In my entire career, I have never worked with a company that invests in the training and development of employees as Space-O does. Space-O is one such company, where I get support from seniors, best colleagues to work with and a wonderful opportunity to grow my career. I am thankful to my seniors and management team for trusting me.

nimesh panchal

Nimesh Panchal – Sr. Quality Analyst Total Experience: 8 Years

Joined in 2015, I am working as Sr. Quality Analyst at Space-O. I must say that Space-O is not just an organization, but a family for me. Having a friendly working environment, it’s always a pleasure to working around solution-oriented people.


Compare to my last job, here i am having a wonderful experience while working with the development team. I am also thankful to the Space-O for providing a suitable platform with challenging tasks to perform better.

vishal gandhi

Vishal Gandhi – Team Lead (iOS) Total Experience: 8 Years

Space-O has many ingredients to taste for like: Constant Growth, Get Shit Done, Do Stuff that matters, Listen to respond rather than React, Create a win-win situation, and more.


By joining Space-O to till today, Organisation nurtured me and my career. It gave me a platform which gives me the freedom to grow beyond the limit. I love people here. Everyone is so supportive and live like a family.


Kajal Dabrai – Sr. iOS Developer Total Experience: 7+ Years

I got a chance to join Space-O Technologies in 2014. And since then my journey is full of wonderful learning experiences. Space-O has nurtured me in terms of knowledge, experience, and skills.


The organization has a great working environment, talented people to work with, and supportive management, who give proper guidance and good opportunities to grow. I am thankful to the company for giving me an opportunity to grow my career.


Palak Patel – Tech. Lead (Web) Total Experience: 7 Years

I joined Space-O as a web developer in 2017, and it’s has been a wonderful journey to learn and explore new things. Space-O has given me tons of moments and great opportunities on a technical level that has helped me to grow in my profession. I have always been given the freedom to innovate, execute, and implement solutions. Being at Space-O has been an amazing experience for me. I see it as one of the best places to work as a web developer.

dhaval khant

Dhaval Khant – Product Manager Total Experience: 7 Years

Joined in 2013, I am currently working as a product manager at Space-O. Having 7 years of the overall experience, out of which 5 years I have spent in Space-O Technologies. I had joined Space-O as an Android developer and in the last 4 years, I have learned a lot.


I would like to thank Space-O and management team for giving ample opportunities to learn new things and work on many application projects which I loved it. It always a pleasure to work with experienced project managers and skilled Android App Developers. I also got a chance to work on many onsite projects, which has given me a great experience.


Nehal Jani – Human Resources Manager Total Experience: 7 Years

At Space-O, we believe that our employee is our biggest asset. The success of the organization is based on talent, passion & integrity of its employees. Space-O takes care to ensure that it provides them a platform where they can perform their best, grow quickly and realize their true potential.


You can write your name on a Brick, a Wall or the entire building, riding on your ideas and perseverance to execute them. Space-O provides them with an open performance platform from where they can excel in their career and take themselves to new heights.


Dhara Prajapati – Sr. Software Developer Total Experience: 7 Years

Joined in 2015 as a web developer, currently, I am working as Senior Software Developer at Space-O. I am thankful to the company for giving me an opportunity to grow my career. Here, I have learnt a lot from my seniors, who are always there to guide me in the right direction. In fact, the team, colleagues and my seniors are like family to me. So, I would like to thank Space-O and management team for trusting me and giving opportunities to learn new things and work on many projects.


Nikunj Shah – Sr. Quality Analyst Total Experience: 5+ Years

I have been a part of Space-O Technologies since 2016. Currently, I am working as a Sr. Quality Analyst, and it’s been an incredible working experience so far. I am working with the best team ever who keep encouraging me on every stage, appreciate my work, and guide me if I am facing any issue or problem.

The company’s best thing is its positive work culture and environment, so I always feel Space-O is my second home. I would like to thank the management team for giving me ample opportunities to learn new things and grow. I have worked on many app projects that I love personally, and I am enjoying my journey.